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A veterinary service for vets


Our products

Laboratoire LCV is developing a range intended for animal productions. Our heart of job and our main commitment are situated in the pig, poultry and veal calf sectors. However, we are involved also in the beef industry (milk and meat)…



Laboratoire LCV distributes veterinary medicines in France. First with the distribution of a range of poultry vaccines, Laboratoire LCV has exclusive rights to market products of different European pharmaceutical companies…



Laboratoire LCV is a manufacturer of veterinary medicines authorized by the French national veterinary medicines agency (ANMV-ANSES) since 1990. This powder manufacturing unit is isolated with a dedicated facility and a treatment of the air which prevent.



Since 2018, Laboratoire LCV has been authorized to import veterinary medicinal products with Market Authorization manufactured outside the EU. This authorization allows us to import, release and store samples for batches of sterile veterinary immunological medicines


Partners to count on

Laboratoire LCV works with French or foreign pharmaceutical companies which produce quality medicines according to EU GMPs. By contracting with Laboratoire LCV with exclusive agreements to distribute their products, these partners ensure an ideal distribution channel on the French market.


Our latest news

Discover the latest information about Laboratoire LCV.

13 May 2019

Authorization to manufacture feed additives for organic animals

4 April 2019

Authorization to import veterinary medicinal products manufactured outside the EU